The Children’s Ministry at DFBC is a vibrant place to aid in the spiritual growth and development of your children. We incorporate spiritual lessons and truths into each activity and use those opportunities to help you encourage your children to do what God wants them to do. For children there are several ministry opportunities including:

Sunday Morning Programs

Sunday School

Our Children’s Sunday School is divided into several classes which are 1st and 2nd grades, 3rd and 4th grades, and 5th and 6th grades . Each of these classes teach around a curriculum that teaches the Bible lessons we all love and enjoy.  The children will be exposed to great lives in the Bible as well as those who weren’t so great.  They will also learn the lessons from each of those lives as well as the teaching of the New Testament and how that applies to their lives on their level.  We encourage you to come and bring your children to be a part of this great time of learning and growing to be more like Christ.

Kingdom Kids

Kingdom Kids is a worship time for children ages 4-9 years old. This children’s church ministry takes place on Sunday mornings and provides children with an age-appropriate setting for worship while older children, teens, and adults worship in the main sanctuary. The mission of Kingdom Kids is to reach children with the gospel, to teach them the truths of the Bible so they can grow spiritually, and to train them to share the love of Jesus with others.

Sunday Night Programs

On Sunday nights during the school year the children have an opportunity to be a part of our boys and girls programs.. These programs exist to aid in helping parents teach spiritual truths and lessons to their children. Parents are welcome to join the activities and be a part of this time with their children. So what do these programs do?

Truth Trackers for Boys (Grades 1-6)

We have newly adopted the Truth Trackers program to our Sunday evening ministry. The evening program will facilitate scripture memory and devotions for the boys, and includes a lesson from God’s Word. There will be lots of opportunities for games, for learning some basic “guy-job” concepts, as well as opportunities for service. In the spring, we’ll be working on our pine cars, and race them on a special evening. Dads are encouraged to participate with their sons. It will be a blast. Come and see.

Hearts Alive Girls Club (Grades 1-6)

Hearts Alive is a great opportunity for girls to build friendships, learn new lessons from God’s Word, and just have a great time together. Hearts Alive provides the opportunity for moms to help their daughters learn things like how to set a table, proper manners, and so much more. Each night includes games, crafts, and features the new Truth Trackers program of Bible study, memorization, and Bible lessons. And in the spring, we’ll be working on our pine cars, and race them on a special evening. Come and join us!

Tiny Trackers

The Tiny Trackers program is an exciting new addition here at DFBC. This is for pre-school boys and girls, ages four and five. The children memorize Bible verses, and learn foundational Bible concepts for their daily living. But they also have fun in the learning! Games, puppet shows, crafts: lots of great fun. And each spring, the little ones also get to make and race pine cars.


Our VBS program is always a fun time of year. For 4 year olds up to 6th graders there is a week long time of games, crafts, snacks, puppets, Bible lessons, and tons of Fun! With over 50 kids each summer you can expect a great time together as well to meet some new friends.

For those in our church this is a great time for us to invest in the children in our community. The are ministry opportunities like crafts, snacks, games, puppets, guides, registrations, and many more areas of need. VBS runs in the evening to allow those who work to participate and be a part of whats going on.

Each year there will be a new theme like the ones we have done in the past:

“The Fantastic Galactic Tour!”

“The Great Castle Joust!”

We look forward to seeing you at next years VBS!

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