Our Purpose

As a church we exist ultimately to Glorify God (Isaiah 43:7; 1 Cor. 10:31) and that we also must fulfill the great commission given in Matthew 28:19-20. We believe that scripture has given to us a threefold responsibility in both our lives and through the ministry of the local church in Matthew 18. This threefold responsibility includes (1) Reaching, (2) Teaching, and (3) Training.
  • REACH – We believe that Christ has given us the command to reach those who do not know Him. Therefore we desire to share the Good News with our community and the world.
  • TEACH – Believers who grow in a relationship with God are pleasing to Him. We believe that knowing God is building a relationship with Him and learning to love Him more. Desert Foothills strives to help believers grow in that relationship by teaching the truth of God’s Word.
  • TRAIN – Once believers grow in their knowledge and love for God, we believe that service is the next step. Our church provides opportunities to serve God through many different ministries and service opportunities.
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