Here at Desert Foothills we view the youth as a vital part of the church in worship, ministry and service. The youth ministry at Desert Foothills Baptist Church exists to glorify God by assisting parents as they seek to produce Gospel-centered young people who are actively doing the Word of God through the power of the Gospel and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.

We seek to provide the young people with many opportunities to be involved in the church. These opportunities are focused not simply on the young people themselves and their spiritual growth, but are also opportunities for the young people to be involved in ministry and service. There are four normally scheduled times that teens have the opportunity to be involved in the youth ministry at Desert Foothills: Sunday school, Teen Knights, Afterglows and Youth Activities. Other events are scheduled from time to time.

Through these opportunities, we desire to continually be confronting the young people with the truth of God, His gospel, and its application to their lives on a daily basis, while providing a positive, God-centered environment in which to interact on a social and spiritual level with their peers.